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Men`s Wear

The course is aimed to prepare professionals in Pattern Making for men. After an approach to the basis of measurement, allowances and darts in transfer, the students starts approaching to more detailed subjects such as: collars, sleeves, study of shirts and trousers. Later on they will be focuses on more complex garments like jackets and coats and will be introduced to the study of traditional and innovative fabrics.

Course Content

  • Measurements & Basic Body.

  • Sleeve (Basic & cuff & two piece sleeve).

  • Collar (Mandarin & polo shirt & two pieces shirt). T-Shirt.

  • Trousers (Sportive & Classic)

  • Short (Jeans).

  • Classic vest.

  • Classic Jacket.

  • Blazer with Double Breasted collar.

  • Tuxedo Jacket with shawl Collar.

Course Duration

  • 60 Hours

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