The Fine Art Basics

  • Basic Principles of Drawing Geometric Shapes

  • Understanding the Composition of Art

  • Studying Perspective

  • Light Perspective and its Effect in Art

  • Shading techniques; like hatching and cross hatching techniques

  • Shading tools including ink and charcoal

  • Introduction to the color theory and color mixing

  • Drawing and Painting Different Still Life Using Gouache and Watercolor Technique

  • Basics of Landscape Drawing

  • Basics of Human Drawings & their Movements

  • Basics of Portrait Drawing

Human Figure 101

  • Human Body Proportions, Measurements of Men, Women and Children

  • Different Movements with Perspective

  • Understanding Different Body shapes and Volumes

  • Studying the Age and Fat’s Effect on the Body

  • Shading Techniques and Tools

  • Introduction to Clothes Rendering and Fabrics

  • Quick Sketching with Watercolors

Human Figure 102

  • Study of Human Figure, Skeleton and Muscles, with Movement

  • Detailed Anatomy of the Head and Face

  • Compose a Full Scene

  • Drawing Statues

  • Life Model Drawing

Portrait 101

  • Face Proportions with Perspective

  • Difference Between Male and Female Facial Proportions

  • Studying the Details of Facial Features

  • Drawing Human Head and Facial Features from different Angles

  • How to Shade Detailed Portraits

  • Introduction to the Color Theory

  • Final Project

Portrait 102

  • Studying the Proportions for Babies and Kids Portraits

  • How to Draw the Identical Facial Features

  • Color Theory

  • Different Human Races and their Variation (Africa, Asian, Indian, etc…)

  • Portraits with Soft Pastel and Watercolor Techniques

  • Study of Facial Age Development Stages

Portrait 103

  • Study of Different Facial Expressions

  • Drawing and Painting Expressions of Different Portraits with Different Nationalities

  • Life Drawing Portrait

Oil Paintings

  • Basic Principles of Drawing Geometric Shapes and Still Life

  • Light and Shadow for the Geometric Shape

  • Color Theory, Color Mixing and Coloring Tools and Techniques

  • Practicing Color Mixing Using Gouache Colors

  • Painting Still Life with Oil Colors on Canvas

  • Create and Design Your Own Painting

Oil Painting (Coloring Techniques)

  • Ways to Use the ink Technique and Tools

  • Color Theory and Color Mixing

  • Watercolor Techniques

  • Ecoline Techniques

  • Gouache and Acrylic Techniques

Oil Painting Workshop

  • Different Techniques for Oil Painting

  • Drawing 6 – 8 Professional Paintings

Advanced Art

  • Composition, Perspective, Color Theory, Design Elements and Principles

  • History of Western Art Through the Middle Ages

  • Designing Your Own Painting Using the Design Element and Finalize it with Gouache Colors

  • Introducing the Art Movements of the Modern Age, such as; Impressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Dadaism, Abstract Art and more

  • How to Paint like Pablo Picasso, Hannah Hock and Jackson Pollock Using Different Tools and Coloring Techniques

  • How to Think Outside the Box and Create a Significant Artwork

  • How to Make Media Painting

  • The Art of Collage

  • How to Criticize Paintings and How to Present and Talk about Self-Artwork

  • Life Modal Drawing Using Modern Art Schools Techniques as a Final Project


  • Basic Principles of Creating Comics Characters

  • How to Read the Script and Translate it to a Storyboard

  • How to Create Visual and Sound Effects to the Story and Dialogue Balloons

  • How to Organize Characters and Other Objects in the Framework

  • Storyboard Making, Backgrounds and Environment

  • Inking and Coloring in Different Techniques

  • Final Project