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Drawing Basics 

In This Course we will take you all the way through the basic skills that you need to start a drawing to the finishing details. This course will help you build a strong foundation you need to pursue whatever art subject or material that you wish to try or use later on, whether you want to be a painter or a portrait artist, this course is your first step to take. If you are willing to achieve the maximum results in your artworks you need to master your drawing basics and skills at first and this is what this course is all about.

Course Content

  • You’ll learn about materials Like the different pencil lead weights and what each one is best used for.

  • How to hold the pencil.

  • Shading techniques.

  • Learn about One- & Two-Point perspectives.

  • Value in Art

  • How to draw the foundational volumes, spheres, cylinders and cubes.

  • Methods of Measuring, Sighting and Creating axis that help you understand the proportions of your subject and help you identify and solve problems.

  • How to observe and analyze any subject.

  • How to use light lines and basic shapes to lay an accurate foundation for finished drawings.

  • Composition Rules - To Create Engaging and Visually Appealing Drawings.

  • How to create realism in your drawing and bring it to life with detail.

Course Duration

  • 10 Classes / 20 Hours

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