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Styling Business

It’s time to dig deeper into the styling industry. Our course revolves around the practical aspect of the styling business; media styling (magazine, T.V & cinema), celebrity styling, styling for fashion brands, commercial styling, visual merchandising and those who are keen to take their first steps and start their own styling business. If you are already a professional or seeking your way into in this glorious industry, this course is exactly what you need to pursue a million careers in this glorious industry.

Course Content

  • Fashion designers & fashion brands, Wardrobe planning, capsule wardrobe and creating core and extended looks.

  • The art of creating style diaries and complex looks.

  • Understanding Client-ology and the science of dealing with potential clients.

  • Compiling outfits for business styling.

  • Introduction to client makeovers and understanding the entire process.

  • Hair styling and makeup background knowledge.

  • The art of shopping and practical trips to understand how to shop right.

  • How to be full/ part time personal/ professional stylist and serious steps to on how to start your own personal styling business.

Course Duration

  • 30 Hours

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