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Drawing Level

Portrait Drawing Level 1

This course gives you the knowledge required to create accurate portraits by exploring the "ins and outs" of each feature & the underlying structure of the face.

Course Content

  • Drawing & Shading tools & techniques.

  • Portrait proportions.

  • Features of the portrait from a variety of angles.

  • The difference between female & male portraits.

  • Draw portraits with accuracy that actually look like the subject from a variety of angles.

Course Duration

  • 24 Hours

Portrait Drawing Level 2

This Course aims to understand portrait a ging signs & Facial Expressions.

Course Content

  • Children's facial proportions.

  • How to Draw Aging Faces and Where to Draw Wrinkles on the Head and Face.

  • Facial Expressions.

  • Draw accurate & identical facial features. 

  • Colouring tools & techniques

  • Portrait Drawing using Soft pastel /Pencil Colours

Course Duration

  • 24 House

Portrait Drawing Level 3

In this course, the student will learn how to portray racial differences of characters of different races.

Course Content

  • Drawing different human races and their variation (African, Asian, Indian, etc...)

  • Life portrait drawing.

  • Portrait painting using gouache colours / acrylic.

Course Duration

  • 24 Hours

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