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Colour Theory Course

Colour Is the most important element of art and has a significant effect wherever it exists. Colour has the potential to either elevate or break your artwork. That’s why it’s essential for any artist, designer, stylist, etc... to understand The Color Theory, master colour mixing, and comprehend the colour relationships and how they affect each other and affect the work itself. In this course, you will learn about all the terminology of the colour theory (Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Color, Warm & Cool colours, Related & Contrast. Colours, etc..) and how and when to apply or break the rules to achieve the effect you are after in your work.

Course Content

  • ​Comprehensive understanding of Color Theory.

  • How to identify Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colors.

  • Learn About Color Temperature - Warm & Cool Colors.

  • Discover the Importance of Value & Saturation

  • Learn about Color Relationships and their different impacts on the viewer.

  • Learn about Contrast Theories & Color Illusion.

  • You will be able to mix any color you need no matter how complex it is.

Course Duration

  • 10 Classes / 20 Hours

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