Mariam A. Sadek

Thanks a lot for teaching me how to paint, and for providing talented instructors to help one embrace such a beautiful artistic ability…I finished a painting yesterday & thought of thanking you for that J

Dina Shahwan

Hey ana dina was a student at ur old sheraton place I did a new piece of still life .and I only learned how to do it by taking ur course of fine arts. So I thought I should share it with you guys

Yasmine Nassef

Art Square provides a healthy and friendly environment where you can thrive and progress... It hosts a variety of courses with the highest caliber professionals in each domain... it is really a place where you feel at home.

Mariam Kadry Soliman

One of the best places where you can get high quality education in arts, I have enrolled in the interior design course 4 weeks ago, and i was impressed by the educational level and well-experienced, more than great Engineer who gave us the course,,, really keep it up Art Square!

Pacynthe Nasser

I had the most amazing time in this place... Thanks to talented teachers JJ

ولاء عدلى

صفحه غايه فى الجمال فن الرسم شئ رائع حاجه جميله لما تلاقى مكان ذى ده لتعليم الفن



Possy Mohamed

Nice place and I want to learn there

Basma El-Hakim

I love this place ♥ ♥ ♥

Mo'men ElGayar

I do always have a great time there (Y) :)

Farah Ayoub

One of the best art schools in Cairo

Amira Tamer

Wish you all success and thank you for doing something different and amazing

Heba M Salah Abdelaziz

Best art place in Cairo! Staff are so friendly and instructors are so professional and talented.. they made me more convinced that I chose the right place

Iree Ska

High quality courses with skilled instructors. The environment is very pleasant and creative. My best recommendation