Junior Fashion Courses

Fashion Sketching

  • Introduction to Fashion Concepts

  • Introduction to Mood and Fabric Board

  • Design Concept, Balance and Proportion

  • Color Theory, Harmony and Contrast

  • Sketching and Coloring Techniques

  • Finalizing Fashion Collection

Fashion Design 101

  • Body Proportions

  • Figure Sketching and Coloring Techniques

  • Introduction to Fashion Collections

  • Introduction to Inspirations and Themes

  • Creating Mood and Color Boards

  • Identifying Fabric

  • Creating a Mini Collection

Fashion Design 102

  • Introduction to Fashion Design Theories

  • Introduction to “The Trend”

  • Introduction to Fashion Designers

  • Defining Design Elements

  • Understanding and Analyzing Collection Themes

  • Introduction to Fashion Research

  • A Complete Fashion Portfolio

Junior Fine Arts

Fine Arts 101

(Fundamentals of Drawing & Coloring)

  • Drawing the Geometric Shape Shading, Color Theory and Harmony and Contrast

  • Studying the Composition of the Still and its Proportions

  • Drawing Still Life Using Different Technique of Coloring

  • Studying the Face Proportions and the Way to Shade it

  • Landscape Using Perspective Vision

Fine Arts 102

(Techniques from Art Schools)

Fine Arts 103

(Art Styles & Artists)

  • Get a Deeper Insight into the Artists World, Know their Techniques and Know the Meaning Behind their Paintings

  • Drawing Artistic Paintings

  • Doing Researches about Different Art Schools & Discussing each Approach

  • Drawing Artistic Paintings, from Different Art Schools and Different Eras