Fashion Drawing 102

  • Flat Drawing

  • Different Fabrics Rendering

  • Advanced Figure Drawing

  • Developed Fabric Textures & Print Drawing

  • Coloring in Different Techniques

  • The Science of Finalizing a Fashion Collection

Fashion Drawing 101

  • Fashion Figure Proportions Vs. Normal Ones

  • Figure with Different Movements

  • Cloths Rendering for Different Fabrics

  • Shading Techniques

  • Fast Sketching Using Different Coloring Techniques Such as Marker Colors & Watercolors

  • Draw Different Fabrics with Special Textures & Prints

  • Introduction to Collection Concept

  • Creating a Mini Collection

Fashion Design Basics

Practical study:


  • Fashion Figure Vs. Human, Difference Between Fashion Sketching and Illustration and Moving a Fashion Figure

  • How to Indicate Different Garment Construction on Fashion Figure

  • Fast Sketching Technique and Rendering Techniques

  • Indicating DifferentGarment Construction

  • Rendering Different Fabrics Textures and Prints

  • Collection Presentation

Theoretical study:

  • What is Fashion Design and What do Designers do

  • Brief Account of Fashion History and Silhouette and Influential Designers

  • Brief Account on Fabric

  • Introduction to the Design Cycle and What are the Design Elements

  • Inspirations and Influences in Design

  • The Research Process, Concept Development and Creating Mood-board Presentation


Fashion Business

  • Introduction and Applications of Branding

  • Marketing and Applications of Marketing

  • Introduction and Applications of Styling

  • Photo Shooting and the Visual Images

  • The Retail Science

  • Fashion Advertising and the Social Media

  • Styling for Fashion Brands

  • Visual Merchandising

  • Costing and Budgeting

  • Fashion Business Creation and Fashion Management

  • Consumer Behavior, Influences and Cultural Perceptions

  • Brand Strategies

  • PORTFOLIO required for admission

Introduction to the

Fashion Industry

  • Anatomy of the Fashion Industry, Sectors, Titles and the Common Fashion Sciences.

  • Fashion Terminology

  • The How to Behind Setting Up Your Own Label (How to Become a Fashion Designer)

  • The Supply Chain

  • Introduction to Budgeting

  • Introduction to Trend Analysis

  • Understanding Commercialism

  • Fashion Design Concepts; From Business to Product

  • Introduction to Fashion Management

Fashion Styling

  • History of Style and the Evolution of the Fashion Image

  • Style Fundamentals and their Relation to Image, Style and Self-Esteem

  • Fashion Silhouettes and Figures

  • The Science of Fashion Producers and the Introduction of the Trend

  • Wardrobe Planning, Concepts behind Capsule Wardrobe and Creating Core and Extended Looks

  • Understanding Client-Ology

  • Make-Over Styling for Clients, Celebrities and Self

  • How to Spot Trends and Incorporate them into your Work – Street Style, High Street and the Catwalks

  • Hair Styling and Makeup Background Knowledge

  • How to be Full/Part-time Personal/Professional Stylist and How to Start Your Own Business

Styling for Professionals

  • Styling for Editorial Purposes and Brand Advertising

  • Developing an Eye for Fashion Imagery – What Makes a Good Shoot Great?

  • From Idea to Photo-shoot (How a Photo-shoot Works)

  • Commercial Styling – Catalogues Brochures and Posters

  • Art Direction: How to Hire and Deal with Professional Models, Photographers, Make Up & Hair Artists and Your Styling Team

  • Image Analysis and Editing and Getting the Editorial Look that is Media and Audience Oriented

  • What does an Art Director do? From Concept to Sourcing to Directing

  • Getting Your Look Right for Your Market

  • Image Consulting

  • PORTFOLIO required for admission

Pattern Making 101

  • Basic Bodice with Dart

  • Darts: (Waist Dart - Waist and Side Dart - Princess Shoulder - Armhole Princess - Neck Dart)

  • Collars: (Cowl Neckline - Baby Collar - Mandarin Collar – Two Piece Shirt - Flat Collar with Low Neckline - Jabot Collar)

  • Sleeves: (Basic Sleeve Foundation - Puffed Sleeve - Cuffed Sleeve - Leg of Mutton - Sleeve Half and Full Circle)

  • Blouses: (Shirt with Yoke and Two Piece Collar - Shirt with Wide Collar - Kimono Blouse)

  • Dresses: (Fitted Summer Dress - Puffed Pocket Dress)

  • Skirts: (Basic Straight Skirt, Panel Skirt, Wrap Skirt, Eight-gore Skirt, Mini Skirt with Yoke)

Pattern Making 102

  • Sleeves: (Flared Sleeve - Asymmetric Sleeve - Cowl Sleeve - Basic Two Piece Sleeve)

  • Collars: (Sailor Collar - Elegant Double Collar - Classic Shawl Collar - Basic Single Collar and Breasted Collar)

  • Blouses: (Blouse with Hidden Buttonhole - Blouson Shirt with Butterfly
    Collar - Blouse with Raglan Sleeve- Raglan Blouse with Draped Front)

  • Dresses: (Oriental Style Dress - Double Breasted Dress with Pleats)

  • Skirts: (Long Skirt with Yoke and Slits - Straight Skirt with Inverted Pleats - Skirt with Yoke and Knife Pleats)

  • Pants: (Basic Pants – Jeans - Flared Pleated Pants)

  • Jumpsuits: (Jumpsuit with Hoodie)

  • Jacket: (Classic Jacket - Chanel Jacket – Tuxedo Jacket)

  • Evening: (Princess Bodice with Boning - Bridal Dress)

Fashion Draping

  • Body Proportions; The Method of Taking Measurements and the Development of the Basic Lines of Mannequin

  • Dealing with Different Types of Fabrics and Sewing Tools

  • Choosing the Right Fabric

  • Darts Transfer

  • Creating 4-5 Dresses with Different Creative Ideas

Digital Fashion Drawing

  • Overview of Adobe Illustrator and Quick Start

  • Tools Most Commonly Used for Drawing and Design

  • Drawing an Outfit on a Basic Figure

  • Understanding Proportions and Drawing a Fashion Figure Template

  • Working with a Jointed Figure and Understanding Garments and Working with Predawn Flats

  • Tracing a Hand Drawn Fashion Illustration and Creating a Posed Fashion Figure from a Fashion Photo

  • Drawing Outfits and Flats

  • Overview of Adobe Photoshop Essential Tools + Retouching

  • Color Rendering

  • Fabric Rendering

  • Setting Up Multiple Color Ways for a Textile Print and Dealing with Prints

  • Inspiration and Mood/Color/Fabric Board

  • How to Make a Presentation

  • Mini-Collection Evaluation



  • How to Collect Colours, Stones and Raw Material (Theoretical)

  • How to Make Accessories with Cotton Ropes and Stones (Apply +Product)

  • How to Make Accessories with Plastic Wire (Apply + Product)

  • How to Make Accessories with Chains and Stones (Apply + Product)

  • How to Make Accessories with Chains, Cotton Rope and Stones (Apply + Product)

  • How to Make Accessories with Chains, Plastic Wire and Stones (Apply + Product)

  • How to Have Good Finishing and knowing the Market Requirements (Theoretical + Practical)


fashion photography


  • A Brief Introduction about Photography

  • Meet Your Camera(What Parts do What and How to Take Care of the Camera)

  • The Exposure Triangle: ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed

  • White Balance

  • Basics of Framing and Composition

  • Organizing Your Workflow

  • Basic Editing Techniques Using Adobe Light Room Software

  • Throughout the course, various assignments will be required to evaluate the student degree of understanding and mentor their performance.



We offer other diverse courses, with customized programme based on your needs. Such as;


  • Visual Merchandising

  • Introduction to the Magazine Industry

  • Fashion Journalism

  • Fashion Branding

  • Fashion Marketing

  • Fashion PR, etc.