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Fashion Drawing & Collection
Concept (Part I)

In this course, you will be able to apply all drawing techniques to bring to life any design and also you will learn the basics of the fashion collection concepts. Neither different fabrics nor cuts will not be challenging anymore while drawing your design; you will be able to draw your own fashion figure, illustrate any design, make it very realistic and render different fabrics.

Course Content

  • Proportions of the fashion figures vs normal figures.

  • Different movement directions of figures.

  • Cloths rendering for different cuts and designs.

  • Shading techniques.

  • Fabric rendering and colouring including textures and prints.

  • Multiple colouring techniques.

  • Introduction to collection concept and collection making.

  • Technical and flat drawing.

  • Final Project: Creating a Mini Collection.

Course Duration

  • 30 Hours

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