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Fashion Making Deploma

This Diploma enables you to study in a scientific manner all the different areas of fashion design. We will build the student’s knowledge in all the aspects and insights of the fashion industry. From the basic knowledge about the fashion world moving through process and development of a design to drawing and developing your own collection which will be very highly technical and professional enabling you to start your fashion career and establishing a successful brand.

Course Content

Throughout the Diploma, students will be able to develop the following:

A Round-Up Of FSH Industry:

  • Fashion History Evaluation Of FSH Image

  • Brand identity, Fashion Designers & Their Contribution to FSH

  • Fashion Silhouettes & Terminology

  • Introduction to FSH Business & Management (Production Schedules Etc.....)



Fashion Sketching Basics:

  • Fashion figure proportions vs. normal ones.

  • Figure with different movements.

  • Cloths rendering for different fabrics.

  • Shading techniques.

  • Fast sketching using different coloring techniques such as marker colors & watercolors.

  • Introduction to Collection Concepts.


Collection concept, Collection making:

  • Fashion Branches (Haute Couture, Pret a Porter, Mass Production...), Simple definitions, Brief collection process, Place designers in the pyramid, Place your line.)

  • Inspiration research, How to get your inspiration, Personal concept, and inspiration research. How to divide the inspiration, Types of research, How to combine the trends to the inspiration, Inspiration Plan, Types of the body ( in order to target your client).

  • Mood presentation, Inspiration plan.

  • Personal concept and inspiration research, Inspiration Development.

  • Analyze the mood Boards, Criticize the goods & the bads in a collection, Collections analyses, Analyze the Inspiration Plan, Finalizing the mood board.)


Trend research, Forecasting

  • Introduction to fashion trends & forecasting.

  • The Fashion Cycle and Consumer’s role in fashion trends.

  • The Mechanism of Fashion trend & Forecasting.

Collection development

  • Collection Planning, From the Idea to the shoot, starting Primary sketches

  • Fabric: Families, Names, Usage & Combination

  • Color Theory, Color Families, Coloring Concepts.

  • Flat Drawing & Technical.

Collection finalization

  • Advanced Drawing techniques.

  • Fabric rendering

  • Flat Drawing

  • Advanced figure drawing

  • Developed fabric textures, print drawing & different coloring techniques.

  • Finalizing a fashion collection, Collection presentation.

Introduction to the fashion marketing & branding

  • Introduction to Branding, marketing, and applications of Marketing

  • Fashion Advertising and the social media influence, Visual Merchandising, Costing and budgeting

  • Fashion Business creation & Fashion Management, Consumer behavior, influences and cultural perceptions, Brand Strategies & policies​.

Collection Presentation (FINAL PRESENTATION)

Course Duration

  • 120 Hours

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